LSST MAF Metrics Hackathon August 6-7

The Rubin Science Collaborations are hosting a Rubin LSST metrics hackathon on August 6 and 7, ahead of the 2020 Rubin PCW. This meeting will include a “hack day” followed by a “documentation day” on the Thursday and Friday before the 2020 Project Community Workshop (PCW) with the specific goal of ramping up technical expertise required to make the most of one’s participation in the PCW. To enable decisions about the Legacy Survey of Space and Time observing strategy are being simulated and will be evaluated by the SCOC . The PCW program includes a session on the observing strategy, with a discussion of the existing MAFs (metrics to evaluate a strategy) and OpSims (strategy simulations). The sophistication and extent of the Rubin LSST Metric Analysis Framework (MAF), however, has presented a daunting learning curve for astronomers who wish to contribute to this process and, as a result, some important metrics are still missing, while others still require a domain-expert review. The pre-PCW hackathon-style workshop we propose will prepare participants offering an active learning experience to ensure the greatest return from the PCW and allowing the community and Rubin team to close the loop on observing strategy metrics.