SCOC office hour

The Rubin Survey Cadence Optimization Committee (SCOC) is currently holding virtual “office hour” on Mondays 7AM PST. Drop in with questions or comments. Request the connection information

The SCOC will not be able to hold the regular office hour at 7AM PST on December 5th 2022. See you on December 12th.

SCOC office hour is on right now and will be held next Tuesday 12/19 as well, before the holiday break. Office hour will then resume on 1/19/2023

the first office hour of 2023 starts at 7PT today January 30th - more info here

In observance of the US holiday, the SCOC office hour on 5/29 is canceled. If you wish to get in touch with the SCOC and you are a member of a Science Collaboration, please reach out to your SC liaison. Otherwise please reach out to the SCOC chair at

Dear all, a reminder that we are available now at the Monthly SCOC office hour. Request the connection information