1 July visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143


  • Updated documentation is available here (not yet installed).
    Please take a look and comment. It’s not yet complete.
  • Preparation for BNL.
  • DM stack.
  • AOB.

From @weiren2:
Running visualization-server at Illinois LSST server in background for over an week eventually caused it not able to write any new file.

It turns out that this restful server will continuously create empty files (like empty2057097946663960801.fits) until the file system runs out of inodes. Seems like FakeImageProvider.java is responsible for creating image or throwing out IOException. I suppose it wouldn’t be an issue if in the future version it returns some real FITS files.


  • We need to clean up old image files. There is no reason to keep any but the current one.
  • Proposed functionality:
  • We need a load_Image command that takes a URL parameter.
  • Ability to execute a command (perhaps with a single keystroke) based on the location of the cursor in the image. Example: Perform aperture photometry around the indicated spot.
  • We need to bring the master branch up to date, so that all new code can be branched from it. @weiren2 has a pending pull request.
  • Can we merge FF’s display_mouse command with ours? Soon, but not yet.
  • SLAC status:
    @marshall is still running on his laptop. They need to understand the BNL setup better. Perhaps they can use Mike Huffer’s machines for testing.
    @tony_johnson’s ingest server can now read a full raft’s images and deliver a single-extension FITS file. We need to discuss the structure of the combines header. We can use @weiren2’s draft JSON file as a starting point.
    Action: (For the entire group) Discuss this at next week’s meeting.
  • Action: @Marshall: Post some DM discussion

A couple of links on the DM stack installation and usage.
https://pipelines.lsst.io (this is the main page for using it)
https://developer.lsst.io/index.html (this page has links to various development topics, including the use/mixing with astropy)