10 June Visualization Meeting

(Jon Thaler) #1


  • Demo of the “Display Latest” function
  • What needs improving? (e.g., documentation).
  • Next:
  • Run it at SLAC
  • Install at BNL
  • Discuss longer-term plans.
  • Prioritized list.
  • Schedule.


Some suggested changes to the “Display Latest” function:

  • Right now,“Fetch Latest” (@tony_johnson’s interface to the images)runs onlyn when “Display Latest” is active. Action: @ywang: Make “Fetch Latest” always active (i.e.. the location of the latest image is always available).
  • Add an interface command (and button) so that when “Display Latest” is paused, the user can request only one new image, without leaving the paused state.

Suggested code branch policy:

  • Once branch code is checked in, the branch creator should remove the branch. Look at the DM procedure, posted by @xiuqin here. She has also posted a GitHub cheat sheet here. Perhaps we should rewrite the cheat sheet to match our usage.
  • If code is being developed simultaneously in two branches, synchronized check-in can be managed using GitHub issues.

Right now, we need three code check-ins:

  • Action: Back end @jbpagliuco. Done.
  • Action: Front end @ywang. Done.
  • Action: Fetch_Latest @tony_johnson. Also, make at least two images available, so images “flip” during Display_Latest operation.

Schedules and upcoming events:

  • The new FF API will be available by the end of July. Here is the SPIE paper.
  • We’d like to get the visualization code installed at BNL by the end of June. It needs to run at SLAC first , within the next week.
  • @tony_johnson will give a 10 minute visualization talk at next week’s LSST camera meeting (agenda here). He will show:
  • His data flow diagram.
  • A raft image (provided by @marshall).
  • The “help” prompt.
  • Some bullet points.

(marshall) #2

https://github.com/lsst/firefly/blob/master/docs/fftools-api-code-examples.md has 4 image URLs at the bottom of the page that could be used for Tony’s updates. They are all the same sky location but in different passbands.

(Xiuqin Wu) #3

You can go to the WISE image archive http://irsa.ipac.caltech.edu/applications/wise/ to get images if you need more. It is a all sky survey so you can put in any position to get either coadd or single frame images at 4 different bands.