10 June Visualization Meeting


  • Demo of the “Display Latest” function
  • What needs improving? (e.g., documentation).
  • Next:
  • Run it at SLAC
  • Install at BNL
  • Discuss longer-term plans.
  • Prioritized list.
  • Schedule.


Some suggested changes to the “Display Latest” function:

  • Right now,“Fetch Latest” (@tony_johnson’s interface to the images)runs onlyn when “Display Latest” is active. Action: @ywang: Make “Fetch Latest” always active (i.e.. the location of the latest image is always available).
  • Add an interface command (and button) so that when “Display Latest” is paused, the user can request only one new image, without leaving the paused state.

Suggested code branch policy:

  • Once branch code is checked in, the branch creator should remove the branch. Look at the DM procedure, posted by @xiuqin here. She has also posted a GitHub cheat sheet here. Perhaps we should rewrite the cheat sheet to match our usage.
  • If code is being developed simultaneously in two branches, synchronized check-in can be managed using GitHub issues.

Right now, we need three code check-ins:

  • Action: Back end @jbpagliuco. Done.
  • Action: Front end @ywang. Done.
  • Action: Fetch_Latest @tony_johnson. Also, make at least two images available, so images “flip” during Display_Latest operation.

Schedules and upcoming events:

  • The new FF API will be available by the end of July. Here is the SPIE paper.
  • We’d like to get the visualization code installed at BNL by the end of June. It needs to run at SLAC first , within the next week.
  • @tony_johnson will give a 10 minute visualization talk at next week’s LSST camera meeting (agenda here). He will show:
  • His data flow diagram.
  • A raft image (provided by @marshall).
  • The “help” prompt.
  • Some bullet points.

https://github.com/lsst/firefly/blob/master/docs/fftools-api-code-examples.md has 4 image URLs at the bottom of the page that could be used for Tony’s updates. They are all the same sky location but in different passbands.

You can go to the WISE image archive http://irsa.ipac.caltech.edu/applications/wise/ to get images if you need more. It is a all sky survey so you can put in any position to get either coadd or single frame images at 4 different bands.