11 December meeting

Actions from 4 December meeting:

A discussion topic:
How to locate image sources and coordinate client/server images. For example, if the server is managing several clients, how does it remember which image goes with which client?
I didn’t hear this part clearly, please correct: FF supports multiple image browsing. We should look at its implementation.

I didn’t hear this part clearly, please correct: Xin’s mask file can be a separate FITS image. Some test stand files have three FITS extensions:
1: Image
2: Mask
3: (for calibrated images) Pixel variances

Q: How is the mask bit specification done?
A: an icon appears that enables user control.
Action: CLient implementation will be @dyue2’s next project (although he has 4 final exams this week.

Action: @marshall wil verify that the CCD rotations and WCS are correct on @tony_johnson’s 9-CCD (full raft) images.

Note: The two CCD vendors (ITL and E2V) have different amplifier readout geometries.

So far we are not seeing any Camera people on the teleconference.