11 March meeting


  • Google doc documentation.
  • Action: Firefly folks should describe the FF implementation of the “blink” use case.
  • Action: @jjt will write up some more use cases.

Notes: from the meeting.

  • The client needs access to an image’s header information (i.e., an API). This will be implemented in the future.

  • Image access (where to find and how to retrieve) is the responsibility of FF (or of the image sources), not of the client Javascript or server Python code.

  • FF has a caching system to remember previous calculations on an image. The JS or Python should do the same. The short term goal is implementation – a permanent solution can wait.

  • We probably want to be able to modify from the command line regions that were drawn by the FF tool. This requires an API.


  • @Weiren2 : Generate a DS9 region file describing pixels that meet a specified criterion (e.g., “hot” > ADU threshold).
    @jjt Write up some use cases. For example, do we always want to analyze the whole image, or only a specified region? Partially DONE. A use case was added to the Google Doc.

  • @tatianag: Write a use case for the FF implementation of image blinking. DONE

Hi Jon, I will not be able to make the meeting today because of the DESC “hack day” starting at the same time. I did start to look over your google doc and added some comments (I just edited the text but perhaps I should have added some as comments). I will continue to look over it later today.