12 August visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143


  • Discussion of image server implementation.
  • Status of installation at SLAC/BNL.
  • Single-extension header format
  • Functional implementation priorities.


  • Image server:
  • Setup in IR2: The rack mount server exists and is set up.
    The client machines (e.g., display drivers) are there, in boxes.
    @tony_johnson will begin SW installation today (Friday) or Monday.
  • BNL HW setup exists.
  • Action: @weiren2: Installation documentation needs improvement.
    @marshall (slm23 on GitHub) created an issue and posted some of his installation notes.
  • Next week (Aug. 15-19) is the LSST All-hands meeting. @tony_johnson and @tatianag will attend.
  • The following week (August 22-26) is the BNL meeting. We will try to have a videoconference then.
    Action: @jjt: Collect students’ schedules so we can find a compatible meeting time.
  • @jjt will be gone (vacation) Aug. 28 to Sep. 7.