15 April meeting


  • Discussion of display_latest command. See the Google Doc.

    I am not sure about the requirements on image retrieval and processing (e.g., conversion to single-extension FITS). @weiren2 has measured the merging of nine CCD images into one raft image to take about 5 seconds, but his processing environment is not well controlled. We should measure this on a server that approximates the system we will have at BNL.

We discussed getting the visualization running at test stand 8.

Test the code at SLAC:
Action: @weiren2: Put up to date code on GitHub.
Action: @marshall and @tony_johnson: Put together an environment that is similar to what we will have at BNL. For example: verify the FITS image merging time.
Action: @dyue2: Implement the client-side display_latest command, with a button for pause/resume.

Action: CCS people (e.g., Homer?) Provide an image access tool.

Prepare for raft and focal plane scale images:
Action: @marshall: Make a proposal for the header format.
Action: @gpdf: Coordinate the header discussion at the project level. People to include in the discussion (please edit as appropriate):
   Stuart, Tony, Steve Ritz, Paul O, Seth, Homer, Peter D,
   Chris S, Andy C, John P. (others?)