15 January meeting


  • Masking requirements: Needs input from CCD testing people.
    Action: @jjt will discuss with Peter Doherty.
  • Write access to FTP repository.
  • Image catalog interface (@tony_johnson).
  • FITS header utility (@marshall)
  • JSON region file.
  • Schedule: When do we need to provide working code to BNL?


  • Tentative schedule:

  • Test stand 8 DAQ interface installation, March 1, or so.

  • Then two months, or so of testing.
    May is a hard end date.
    Action: We should get something simple going soon – a demo for the JTM (Feb 22-24) would be very good.

  • High priority:
    Get code into GitHub
    Get the Server/Client connection going, with a simple command/response example, using a ROI.

  • TS8 meetings on Friday at 11 AM (Pacific time).
    @jjt should start attending.

  • Stuart’s header utility is now on Github (a “utilities” ares).

  • No progress on Tony’s image catalog interface.

  • The GitHub issues need an implementation order and schedule. GitHub supports this.

  • Action @jjt: Move the architecture figures to GitHub Wiki. They’re on Confluence now.

  • Action: @jjt JJT and @weiren2 Implement a Gain/baseline correction on/off switch to the display command.

  • Action @jjt point tony to his dropbox image folder. He will pull images into the FTP area. Done.