16 October 2015 meeting

October 16, 2 PM meeting agenda (minutes will be posted after the meeting)

Actions from last week:

  • Investigate server speed and unreliability. Needs to be discussed.
  • Complete the focal plane scale image. Status report. (Wei)
  • Region display behavior and implementation . Status report. (@dyue2)
  • Establish an LSST discourse category. Done (@gpdf)
  • Set up a Blue Jean channel. Done (@gpdf)

Please add other topics, as appropriate.

Action items from the Oct. 16 2015 meeting:

  • Upload log file to community. (@dyue2) Already done
  • Fix memory allocation for large image display. (@wei)
  • Define header keywords for amplifier regions. (@jjt and @wei )
  • Define a command format for Pixel: (x,y) and HW region (@jjt and @dyue2) .
  • Figure out how to get the raw pixel data to the server analysis (@wei).
  • Post some large (Raft-scale) FITS images (@jjt) Done

I think we’d also asked that the large composite file (600MB-ish, I think, right?) be placed somewhere where the Firefly team can get access to it and test it on our own installation.

A focal plane’s worth of raft-scale images (21 586 MB files) is in the process of being uploaded to Dropbox. I’ll add this to the action items and post a link when it’s finished.