17 June Visualization meeting


  • Getting ready for BNL.
  • Display_latest functionality
  • Running on server at SLAC

I updated the documentation to describe the latest design of the Display_Latest funcctionality. We should decide if it accurately describes what we want to implement. @tony_johnson’s image server now communicates with the front end, which, I agree, is a bit simpler.


  • Attendance was low today, due to the LSST camera meeting and vacations.
  • We need to discuss with @tony_johnson whether or not the image server can push new image messages to the client, to avoid having to poll.
  • Wei has root access to the UIUC server, so he can set it up to run our code. SLAC needs also to run code on their server as soon as possible.
  • People should look at the documentation to be sure it represents the desired reality.