19 August visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143


  • Next week’s BNL meeting:
  • Image server
  • SW installation at BNL.
  • Video meeting day/time.
  • Weekly video meeting time?
  • Implementation priorities. Here is Paul O’Connor’s wish list.


  • I was mistaken about the students’ schedules. We can continue to meet at 11 AM Central time (9 AM Pacific) in the Fall.
  • No FF or SLAC attendees, so we had a local UIUC meeting.
  • Here are the four items on Paul’s list that we will work on first:
    Some were implemented in prototype versions of the SW and need to be reworked.
  • Gain and offset scaling by segment.
  • Histograms (e.g., pixel distribution along a line).
  • Commands driven by cursor location. We need to pass the cursor position to the terminal.
  • Related to blinking:  Image math (sum, difference, ratio) with display of result.

Tatiana and I are at LSST all hands in Tucson and won’t attend tomorrow’s meeting.
We can support 5pm (your time) meeting on Fridays.

I probably also will not be able to make the meeting this week. I did succeed in getting the software installed on my laptop following the instructions Stuart posted last week, A few initial questions comments:

  • When I type help there is also a documentation link but it does not work. If it could at least point to a page which says “documentation coming soon” that would be good.

  • I tried to load a local image using: load_image ffview file:///home/tonyj/Data/E2V-CCD250-049_fe55_fe55_001_20151210171111.fits but I got an error file:///home/tonyj/Data/E2V-CCD250-049_fe55_fe55_001_20151210171111.fits !matched /^https?:confused: Does that error come from our code of firefly? Is it possible to get it to load a local image?

  • When I maximize the ffview window the Update Viewer Settings disappear. Is it possible to fix that?


On the file path just use the standard unix path w/out the file:// part. The js code matches a regex for ^http and if it doesn’t match assumes it is a local file. The real error messages are in the fftools.log file.

To minimize confusion, the js code should recognize file:// also.