19 February meeting


  • Look at the demo (Av_Pixel calculated on the server).
  • Discuss @dyue2’s WIki page.
  • Topics for next week’s JTM meeting.
  • Schedule of activities
  • What functions to implement
  • Improvements to the user interface (e.g., resizable windows?)
  • Other architectural issues: E.g., image browser.


  • Action: @jjt: Invite the BNL people to attend the Monday 3:30 PM (CST visualization meeting. Done

  • “Blinking” is called “Autoplay” by FF. This was previously discussed on Nov. 6. Here are my notes:

  • About blink. Firefly supports blink functionality. As an example you can try to blink images from this wise search result1. Use the diagonal errors at the upper right corner of an image viewer to bring the expanded view and then check “Auto Play” button.

  • Action: @jjt will post here (today, I hope) a prioritised list of functions, abstracted from Paul O’Connor’s wish list (an Excel file). It should distinguish between client and server implementation. Done. See here.

  • Action: @dyue2 will put a link to the Wiki in the UI window.