20 November meeting


Actions items from last week:
Action: @victor_ren will generate the JSON file and learn about DS9 region files.
Action: @victor_ren will also generate single-extension CCD images that include the overscan regions (images w/o overscan already exist).
Action: @marshall and @tony_johnson will work on the header format.

I’d also like to discuss the implementation schedule. We have lots of parts, but we need to begin putting them together into a coherent whole. Perhaps my draft description of the user interaction from last week can serve as a starting point.


An emergency has come up, and I can’t participate in today’s meeting. Please continue w/o me. Someone should take notes.


We had a short meeting this week. Tony, Stuart, Wei, and Tatiana were present.

@victor_ren and @dyue2 will study DS9 regions format and work on JSON file
@dyue2 can also use regions to mark hot pixels in a selected area
@tony_johnson will share with everyone his work after reviewing with @marshall
If @jjt is available, it would be beneficial to set a meeting early next week to discuss the implementation schedule. (Rather than skipping the Thanksgiving week completely.) The critical people for this discussion are @jjt, @tony_johnson, @marshall, and @gpdf. Others are welcome but not required to join.

I (@jjt) am reasonably free next week. I’ll be on Eastern time, so don’t set the mtg time too late in the day. Monday and Tuesday are best for me.