2016_09_30 visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143


  • UIUC

  • Histograms

  • New JS API

  • ConOps document

  • Long term plans

  • AOB


  • No meeting next week (Oct. 7).

  • There is a high-level Camera milestone (i.e., a DOE milestone) in March. Raft-scale visualization is part of this.
    Action: (everyone) We need to create a set of goals to meet by then. One specific item mentioned at the recent Camera meeting: Support for multiple displays (e.g., laptops and bigger displays).
    @RHL (Robert Lupton) mentioned the need to support teas-stand 8 (TS8) products.

  • Histogramming requires the new JS API. Tomcat is (for now) broken on @jbpagliuco’s laptop.
    Action: @weiren2: Give @jbpagliuco and @ywang server privileges.

  • Action: @tony_johnson: We need raft-scale FITS images. CCD IDs need to be added to the headers, for visualization functionality. @jjt thinks that Homer Neal (BNL) will provide them soon.

  • We need image both s with and without overscan (desired by BNL people), so we can debug the code (e.g., display of segment boundaries).

  • @rhl points out that DM code provides many bit-mask functions we can use. This is convenient, because our back-end code already makes use of bit masks.

  • @tatianag showed a demo of the new Firefly histogram implementation. The API will be exposed here today.