2016_10_28 visualization meeting

(Jon Thaler) #1

Bluejeans: 107541143

---- Canceled ---- (see below)


  • Histogram and JS API status.

  • SLAC test stand

(Tony Johnson) #2

Hi Jon, Chris Stubbs is visiting SLAC tomorrow, and to fit in with his agenda we had to move our 10am software meeting to 9am, so it is unlikely that Stuart or I will be able to join the visualization meeting tomorrow.

The visualization server is now installed at SLAC, but we do not have firefly installed there yet (or Java for that matter). Perhaps we will be able to get that fixed tomorrow.

(Jon Thaler) #3

OK. Then I’ll cancel this week’s meeting. The students have histograms working with the new API.

(Tatiana Goldina) #4

Just curious if AREA_SELECT extension (average pixel) works for you with the Oct. 23 version of Firefly. When you have a chance to test it, please, let me know.