2016_12_16 visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143
UIUC people meet in Loomis


  • Draft of the Visualization Concept of Operations document. (MS Word)

  • SLAC installation status.

  • Access to, and formatting (single extension, with and without overscan) of sample images.

  • Header format of single-extension images.


  • SLAC setup:

  • @marshall has successfully built the server. Hasn’t run it, yet. Tomcat 7 is installed. Today, he will try to run Firefly with one monitor. He doesn’t yet know how to use all six monitors.

  • The CCS will be run today. There are 15 machines in the server room, and one in the clean room. They run CentOS 7. That is the direction LSST is going.

  • Cooling problems have been solved.

  • Action: @jbpagliuco, @weiren2, and @ywang need to complete their SLAC registration so that @marshall can grant them access to the visualization computers.

  • Some images will be available today.

  • @gpdf suggestion for zoomed display: Make three files, showing {min,av,max} pixel in each bin. A similar binning can be done by the “hot_pixel” command, to improve display legibility.

  • Action: @jjt ask @GPDF about the DM ConOps document.

  • @jbpagliuco , @ywang, and @jjt will work on UIUC code over the break. Goal: a functional application by mid-January.

  • BNL has assembled the full-raft test stand, so 9-CCD imsges will appear soon !!

  • Action: @tatianag will tell @jjt how to contact David Shupe, who is an expert on the LSST stack to Python interface.

  • SLAC closes December 21 (Wednesday) and will reopen January 3 or 4. @tatianag will also be gone, so
    The next Friday video meeting will be on 1/6/2017.