2017_01_13 visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143
UIUC people meet in Loomis


  • FITS images
  • Discuss header format for raft- and focal plane-scale images
  • UIUC status


  • @tony_johnson has received a few hubdred images from BNL. They are of varying quality, butcan be used for code development/debugging.
    Action: @tony_johnson will generate some displayable (single extension) images (with and without overscan) using the HIERARCH keyword to combine headers.
  • There will be a meeting at BNL in mid-February. Demo the SW and gather feedback.

UIUC projects:

  • @weiren2 will install (in the development branch) the new code that was written over the break.
  • UIUC will create a new deveopment branch that is commonly owned, so that @jbpagliuco and @ywang can also install code.
  • Short term projects:
  • Action: (all three students): Using read_mouse, specify regions by name, including whether it’s a data or overscan region.
  • Action: @ywang: Generalize the graph function. For now:
    graph_pixels: pixel distribution in a region.
    graph_noise: noise for each of 16 CCD amplifiers or 72 raft amplifiers.
    graph_projection: average pixel for each row in a region.
  • Somewhat longer term:
  • blink: Switch between tao images, either on a clock, or by user command.
  • Differences and ratios of images.

We need to discuss what, if any, image processing (e.g., ax+b gain and bias correction) we want to do before displaying an image.

Notes from meetings with students:


  • Histograms (with underflo and overflow bins) now work
    To do (low priority): Use color for clarity.


We have accomplished most of the Near-term goals (56.0 KB)
(for mid-January.

Remaining (and new) projects:

  • @weiren2

  • Interface to image repository.
    Tony J tells us that we’ll have a non-zero set of images this week.

  • Convert a region name (for now, the amplifier name) to a set of pixels.
    If appropriate, -> a rect will work.

  • Update development branch. Get write access for @jbpagliuco and @ywang.

  • @ywang:

  • rename graph to graph_pixels.

  • Add a new function: graph_amp_noise. A histogram of the noise in
    each of the 16 CCD amplifiers or in the 72 raft amps.

  • @jbpagliuco:

  • If read_mouse is active, let the user pass the amplifier name as
    the region specifier in a command. Syntax: (name “amp_name”).

  • Expand the list of defaults to include command parameters.
    For example, the threshold parameter in hot_pixel.

  • Everyone:

  • Read the User’s Guide and look for errors and omissions.