2017_01_20 visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143
UIUC people meet in Loomis


  • SUIT (IPAC) departure.
  • FITS images
  • UIUC status
  • Long term (after May 2017) plans


  • SUIT (IPAC) departure.
  • The SUIT departure was driven by budget issues.
  • Firefly has been working well.lately. We think that occasional bugs will not create a significant maintenance load on the Firefly group.
  • FITS images
  • Examination of the images that were produced last week revealed some geometry inconsistencies. They will be fixed and new images produced next week
  • UIUC needs these images to debug the blink, display_latest, and other multiple image analysis (e.g., ratios).
  • UIUC status
  • load_image, with a URL argument, works.
  • When read_mouse is activated, the hardware regions (of a single CCD, so far) are outlined, and the name of the HW region of the cursor location is displayed, including whether it is a data or overscan region (e.g., “Amp05prescan”).
    Action: UIUC group will let commands accept a region parameter that is specified by name. For example, the HW region the cursor is in can be passed to the image analysis. Other region names can be defined, as desired. The basic functionality should be complete in a week.
  • Long term (after May 2017) plans:
  • Because UIUC involvement will end in May 2017, new SW developers need to be identified. Perhaps one of the new French CCS people?