2017_01_27 visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143
UIUC people meet in Loomis


  • BNL images
  • SLAC status
  • UIUC status


  • SLAC: @tony_johnson is in Paris. @marshall is working on TS7. Will install the newest UIUC development version next week.
  • Images: Last week’s geometry problems were resolved. @marshall thinks @tony_johnson has downloaded some images, but isn’t sure.
  • UIUC: Still working on capturing HW region (at the cursor location) and passing it to the back end for processing.
  • BNL meeting is the week after next.

For continued discussion: @roodman contacted us regarding the possibility of a diagnostic image display, in which each HW region is shown as a single color that denotes, for example, the amplifier noise in that region (another possibility, the average pixel value). This would be a very useful quick diagnostic display for use in the control room. DES implemented this, and it is very useful. Some thoughts:

  • @tony_johnson’s FITS generator could make these auxiliary images on the fly.
  • display_latest could automatically display a set of images, including both the regular FITS image and the diagnostics.
  • Alternatively, we could have a “diagnostic” drop-down menu, from which the user selects the desired diagnostic.