2017_02_17 visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143
UIUC people meet in Loomis


  • Images
  • SLAC status
  • UIUC status


  • BNL had a test rediness review the week of Feb 6-19, but the snowstorm prevented the installation and demo of visualization SW. First installation will take place at SLAC next week, in preparation for the arrival of the engineering test raft ~ end of Feb.
  • @tony_johnson has some raft-scale images, including one that is a real picture (of an MC Escher drawing). UIUC will have to extend its hardware region naming convention to accommodate multiple CCDs, for example: Amp01data --> CCD12Amp01data.
  • @ywang had to leave the project on short notice. A new student (Ting Huang) is joining the project and will work on back end (Python) algorithms.
  • Next week’s UIUC work:
  • @weiren2: Fix the (x,y) pixel coordinate bug.
  • @weiren2:Fix the histogram naming inconsistency.
  • @jbpagliuco: Implement all functions in the FF toolbar.
  • @jbpagliuco: Pass the selected HW region to the FF toolbar commands.