2017_03_03 visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143
UIUC people meet in Loomis



  • It is nearly impossible to display DS9 regions as solid colors, as requested by @roodman. We will have to find another solution.
  • read_mouse functionality will be enabled by default, with the display at the bottom of the image viewer, not in a box.
  • SLAC has installed the UIUC development code. @tony_johnson will show a demonstration at next week’s LSST meeting.
  • SLAC has a collection of images. @tony_johnson will make a repository, but he still needs to decide on the raft-scale header format first.
  • UIUC will not break the development branch before the LSST. meeting, but will work on completing the short term goals (see UIUC visualization status).

There are now many CCD images available here, for example:




These are collections of 9 CCD images (group them by the timestamp). You need a SLAC/confluence login to access them – Jon to you still have your id?

I have also put a couple of raft level images here:


which does not require login. These are 9 images combined into a single FITS image for use with Firefly. They have all of the headers from the individual files preserved. They have the pre/over scan areas removed, which may not really be what we want.

There is a picture of firefly running at SLAC displaying the “escher” image here:

Google Photos