2017_03_17 visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143
UIUC people meet in Loomis


  • UIUC activity:

  • Raft-level HW region names

  • Blinking and image comparison.

  • Finish graphing commands.

  • SLAC activity

  • Single extension images

  • Access to SLAC server by UIUC people?
    We may need a server with more memory for raft-scale images.

  • Some older topics to remember:

  • Which pixel to display when zoomed out.

  • Selection of circular regions with cursor.

Notes:. (Not in agenda order)

  • When zoomed out, pixels that satisfy a criterion of interest can be displayed in the same way that hot_pixel does it - drawing small circular regions at the pixel positions. Identification of the specific pixel can be determined by zooming in.

  • The current raft-scale image does not have the correct HW region information in the header. Also, we need to have a new image that shows the overscan regions. That’s what @poconnor wants.

  • The UIUC server does not have enough memory to display raft-scale images. So, the students will begin working at the SLAC server. This is probably what we want in any case, since, after May, all code development will take place there. Both @weiren2 and @jbpagliuco have SLAC accounts.

  • The new version of Firefly should be rebuilt. It fixes several bugs found since January.

  • What should be displayed at startup? It seems that the nominal “target” image is not a bad choice, rather than a blank viewer window. This image is in GitHub, so is always accessible.
    Action: @jjt:Update the user documentation.

  • Action: @tony_johnson:

  • Generate several single-extension CCD-scale images, to test blinking and display_latest.

  • Generate a raft-scale image with overscan included.

  • Firefly now uses yarn as a package manager. See this.
    Action: @weiren2 should update our installation instructions.

  • Graphing commands should let the user tab through parameter fields. @tony_johnson suggests that when this is done, the BE function should determine a reasonable value of, e.g., nbins and min/max x. The user can easily modify them immediately, or using command recall.