2017_03_24 visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143
UIUC people meet in Loomis


  • UIUC issues (short term to-do list).
  • SLAC installation.
    *CCD- and Raft- scale images.
  • Tomcat issues:
  • @weiren2 says that if we want to run both production and development at the same time, we need two servers, because each is connected to one instance of the BE code. This may be solvable by modifying the Firefly back end.
  • Shutting down Tomcat leads to zombie processes. For example, restarting Tomcat results in a second set of process.


• UIUC installation of up-to-date code in Production (port 80) is almost done. Some remaining issues with port management. SLAC installation uses port 80. @jjt wa sable to access SLAC from UIUC, but the visualization SW complains about the header format (e.g.,no amplifier regions).

Tony’s email on the use of the slac server:
The command:

load_image ffview /mnt/ramdisk/escher.fits

now opens the full raft image.


On 03/23/2017 03:33 PM, Tony Johnson wrote:

Hi Wei, we have set up web forwarding so you can access the firefly server at this address:


I have not tried using it through that link, so it may not work fully (or at all). If we need more URL’s to be forwarded from lsst-camera-dev to lsst-vs01 (the machine where the server is really running) Brian (cced) can set them up.

Note that the server is not currently configured to start automatically when the server is rebooted, we can try to fix that. Also the combined images which I created were only on ramdisk, and the machine was rebooted last week, so I will need to recreate them.

To login you will need a SLAC account (see separate e-mail).

The link works from UIUC, but the software complains about the lack of LSST header information:

  • There was a problem when fetching boundary information of FITS file.
    Please make sure all parameters were typed in correctly.

It did not ask me for any credentials.