2017_04_21 visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143
UIUC people meet in Loomis


  • UIUC issues (short term to-do list). It’s getting shorter.
  • SLAC: Test stand status, image repository.
  • Summer (and longer) plans. @weiren2 cannot work for UIUC after May 13.


  • Now that images are (will be soon?) produced, we need to be able to specify the directory in which to look for new images (ie, not hard wired). Should this be done by a default directory command, or in the Tomcat installation?
  • @Marshall raised a Firefly issue:
    When zoomed in, the user will want to adjust the stretch (contrast) using only the on-screen pixels (not the entire image). @tatianag thinks that this is not possible now. It is an important feature to implement (@roby , @xiuqin).
  • @jbpagliuco will not go to SLAC this summer (will work on a different project). @weiren2 is still interested. @tony_johnson will talk to SLAC HR today about the hiring procedures (he received ~100 applications!).
  • graph_noise will probably be implemented as a table,color coded to indicate outliers. @tatianag points out that Firefly can plot tables, so there is flexibility.
  • @tony_johnson had difficulty making Firefly reload an image that he had modified it). It kept reloading the first version. This requires clearing the Tomcat cache - deleting a temp directory created during Tomcat installation.

From @marshall:

I tried to update our front end code for tomcat and had trouble. I did:


  1. Git pull origin master
  2. Run the command npm install
  3. (For developement) Run npm run build
  4. Add a rule to the tomcat server.xml file
    <Context docBase="/path/to/frontend/src/" path="static/" />


  1. Restart tomcat server (only if you just updated server.xml)
  2. Go to localhost:8080/static except I replaced static with lsst-vis.

I only get the command box and nothing else at:
I can revert back to the March version but maybe it is just a simple mistake.

From @jbpagliuco:

The new frontend code isn’t quite ready for production yet. It should be good to go by Monday though. We wanted to put the new code where we could all work on it, and figured it was best to keep it under the same name as the old version. Sorry for the confusion.