2017_04_28 visualization meeting

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UIUC people meet in Loomis


  • UIUC student schedules:
  • @jbpagliuco can work until the end of May, when he moves to another project.
  • @weiren2 cannot be paid by UIUC after May 13. He hopes to work at SLAC over the summer.
  • UIUC status
  • SLAC status
  • Stretch a region (see below).

No @tatianag today.

I will miss the meeting on 4/28 - I’ll be taking the robotics team I am mentoring to FTC Championship in St. Louis, MO Wed-Fri this week.

Tatiana and I discussed the request from John Stuart, to be able to stretch a portion of image, either only the visible part or a designated region of image. Currently Firefly does not support this function. The workaround is to do a cutout of the portion you are interested in, then explore different stretches on it.

It will help us if you could write up the use case for this request. We will study it to see its relevance to general science users before we we can make decision on development.

Ability to stretch a selected portion of an image.

Use case:
Examination of multi-amplifier CCD images before calibration (e.g., on hardware test stands.

When new CCDs arrive from the vendor for testing, the various amplifiers (each LSST CCD has 16) do not have gain or baseline calibration. The result is that the image will resemble a checkerboard, with some amplifier regions being very dark, and some very light. Visual examination of an amplifier for blemishes would be easier if its stretch could be adjusted without regard to what is happening with the other amplifiers.