2017_05_12 visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143
UIUC people meet in Loomis


  • UIUC end game. Wei Ren summer?


  • @weiren2 and @jbpagliuco will work until end of May to clean up the issues list.
  • @tony_johnson will look for housing resources near SLAC.
  • @tony_johnson can’t find the code (@jbpagliuco’s?) that looks for new images.
  • For safety, the user must specify an image cache directory. The code will delete old files when the cache is full, so it’s dangerous to have a default directory.
  • @weiren2 can help with local SLAC problems.

  • Next week: @jbpagliuco and @weiren2 will walk folks through the code, (a longer meeting)