22 April meeting


  • Discuss Image display commands:
    I have updated the image display use cases (pp. 8-9 of the Google Doc). There are some subtleties that I’d like to discuss.

  • Status of last week’s action items:

Test the code at SLAC: **Action:** @weiren2: Put up to date code on GitHub. **Action:** @marshall and @tony_johnson: Put together an environment that is similar to what we will have at BNL. For example: verify the FITS image merging time.
**Action:** @dyue2: Implement the client-side `display_latest` command, with a button for `pause/resume`. **Action:** CCS people (*e.g.*, Homer?) Provide an image access tool.
Prepare for raft and focal plane scale images: **Action:** @marshall: Make a proposal for the header format. **Action:** @gpdf: Coordinate the header discussion at the project level. People to include in the discussion (please edit as appropriate):    Stuart, Tony, Steve Ritz, Paul O, Seth, Homer, Peter D,    Chris S, Andy C, John P. (others?)

Action: @tony_johnson For next week SLAC should create a service “Is a new image available?”

Stuart is ready to begin testing. He should tell us about problems/issues.

Action: @weiren2 Document the scripts, to help Stuart get going.
Action: @weiren2 Document the utility scripts that make displayable FITS files.
Action: @marshall Talk to Max about the CCD WCS headers.

@tony_johnson says that CCD WCS keywords should not be a project-level issue now. @gpdf is worried about consistency between test stand and simulated images. He agrees that it’s not yet a DM issue. We should proceed to reach our
short-term goals.

Add Chris Walter to the header discussion.

There will be a camera meeting in June 13-14. Agenda is in Confluence.
Hackathon? @dyue2 and @weiren2 might attend.

Action: @jjt Fix “daemon” nomenclature. Done.