23 October 2015 meeting


Both John Hart and I have conflicts with this week’s meeting, so I suggest that we cancel it.

Next meeting: October 30.


I think the meetings are very useful in keeping things moving. If we are below quorum for a live meeting, can we have a virtual meeting with a review of action items? We are eager to keep the project moving.

I will really be unavailable (at doctor’s office). I will ask Wei and Dingcheng to connect, so that they can give progress reports. That ought to work.

Is it possible to rename a topic? I’d like to remove “canceled” fon this topic.

Click on the pencil next to the topic name (I think you should see it).

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Sorry for the late reply. Do we need to use Bluejeans for this meeting?

Here is what I have been doing so far.

Currently I was trying to establish the communication between the backend and frontend. And I wrote my proposed item into a github wiki And I made a small demo for that.

However, there are few issues I ran into.

For the first time I open the browser, I came across the violation of origin domain policy. However, if I refresh the page, there is no such problem again. I am not sure what happened.
The server I set up is only for demo purposes, and might be noticeably lagging for multiple user. (Or even completely blocked).
So, what I have done is to compute the average value for certain region. And the region is predetermined by the boundary I preset before.

If you go to the page lsst.cs.illinois.edu, and type

create_box box
read_mouse box

And hover the mouse on the displayed image, it will show the average pixel value.

Yes, same instructions as last time.

Is the meeting id 107541143 or is it something else?

That should be correct. We are a little late getting started here at SLAC. Just connecting now.

Oct. 23, 2015.
So now my script is able to combine all the raft scale FITS into a focal plane scale FITS. I’ve checked the header files. Both the original FITS and generated ones are of single extension. Prof. Jon @jjt can you tell us the source of the files?

Things to do next:

  • Include more necessary information in the header of generated files. Add specification on what information we need for display and diagnosis.
  • Gap region between CCDs or Amplifiers which is not specified in the header? (Correct me if I’m wrong)
  • Test what parameters (especially memory size) are suitable for Firefly to display FITS of ~14GB.
  • Upload completed FITS files into shared directory (Dropbox).

Hi @gpdf, if i remember correctly you made a list of action items during last week’s meeting. Did these get posted somewhere?

Sorry, I’d misplaced it until now. Here are the notes:

@victor_ren still working on raft-scale mosaic - job is running now.

Loading of raft-scale image tested by @xiuqin (10 seconds) and @victor_ren (13 second initial load, 1 second for refreshes after that).

No progress on header keyword item.

Discussion: what is the purpose of raft-scale files? Are they throwaways for use only by Firefly (whether created on-the-fly or in advance), or does the camera need an official format?

Need a specification for what we want to be able to do with these files and what header information is needed in raft-level images.

Some discussion of full focal plane images and the similar issues for them, but we decide to concentrate for now on raft-level images.

  • When displaying a raft-level image, we need to be able to get the CCD and amplifier IDs and the integer pixel coordinates within an amplifier.

  • Also need to be able to display CCD ID with integer pixel coords within the CCD

  • We need a spec for the nominal integer-pixel gaps in raft assembly (not including the additional gaps for pre/post/over-scan, as post- and over-scan are in principle variable):
    @tony_johnson to drive a spec for what’s required and how to include this in the headers of the CCD-level 16-extension files.

@jjt to tell us what the provenance of the raft-scale files already posted is, and what gaps were used.

@victor_ren to post the inputs he used for raft assembly.