23 October 2015 meeting

(Jon Thaler) #1


Both John Hart and I have conflicts with this week’s meeting, so I suggest that we cancel it.

Next meeting: October 30.


(Gregory Dubois-Felsmann) #2

I think the meetings are very useful in keeping things moving. If we are below quorum for a live meeting, can we have a virtual meeting with a review of action items? We are eager to keep the project moving.

(Jon Thaler) #3

I will really be unavailable (at doctor’s office). I will ask Wei and Dingcheng to connect, so that they can give progress reports. That ought to work.

(Jon Thaler) #4

Is it possible to rename a topic? I’d like to remove “canceled” fon this topic.

(K-T Lim) #5

Click on the pencil next to the topic name (I think you should see it).

(dyue2) #6

Sorry for the late reply. Do we need to use Bluejeans for this meeting?

Here is what I have been doing so far.

Currently I was trying to establish the communication between the backend and frontend. And I wrote my proposed item into a github wiki And I made a small demo for that.

However, there are few issues I ran into.

For the first time I open the browser, I came across the violation of origin domain policy. However, if I refresh the page, there is no such problem again. I am not sure what happened.
The server I set up is only for demo purposes, and might be noticeably lagging for multiple user. (Or even completely blocked).
So, what I have done is to compute the average value for certain region. And the region is predetermined by the boundary I preset before.

If you go to the page lsst.cs.illinois.edu, and type

create_box box
read_mouse box

And hover the mouse on the displayed image, it will show the average pixel value.

30 October meeting
(Gregory Dubois-Felsmann) #7

Yes, same instructions as last time.

(dyue2) #8

Is the meeting id 107541143 or is it something else?

(Gregory Dubois-Felsmann) #9

That should be correct. We are a little late getting started here at SLAC. Just connecting now.

(Wei Ren) #10

Oct. 23, 2015.
So now my script is able to combine all the raft scale FITS into a focal plane scale FITS. I’ve checked the header files. Both the original FITS and generated ones are of single extension. Prof. Jon @jjt can you tell us the source of the files?

Things to do next:

  • Include more necessary information in the header of generated files. Add specification on what information we need for display and diagnosis.
  • Gap region between CCDs or Amplifiers which is not specified in the header? (Correct me if I’m wrong)
  • Test what parameters (especially memory size) are suitable for Firefly to display FITS of ~14GB.
  • Upload completed FITS files into shared directory (Dropbox).

(Tony Johnson) #11

Hi @gpdf, if i remember correctly you made a list of action items during last week’s meeting. Did these get posted somewhere?

(Gregory Dubois-Felsmann) #12

Sorry, I’d misplaced it until now. Here are the notes:

@victor_ren still working on raft-scale mosaic - job is running now.

Loading of raft-scale image tested by @xiuqin (10 seconds) and @victor_ren (13 second initial load, 1 second for refreshes after that).

No progress on header keyword item.

Discussion: what is the purpose of raft-scale files? Are they throwaways for use only by Firefly (whether created on-the-fly or in advance), or does the camera need an official format?

Need a specification for what we want to be able to do with these files and what header information is needed in raft-level images.

Some discussion of full focal plane images and the similar issues for them, but we decide to concentrate for now on raft-level images.

  • When displaying a raft-level image, we need to be able to get the CCD and amplifier IDs and the integer pixel coordinates within an amplifier.

  • Also need to be able to display CCD ID with integer pixel coords within the CCD

  • We need a spec for the nominal integer-pixel gaps in raft assembly (not including the additional gaps for pre/post/over-scan, as post- and over-scan are in principle variable):
    @tony_johnson to drive a spec for what’s required and how to include this in the headers of the CCD-level 16-extension files.

@jjt to tell us what the provenance of the raft-scale files already posted is, and what gaps were used.

@victor_ren to post the inputs he used for raft assembly.