24 June visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143


  • Preparation for BNL.
  • Running at SLAC.
  • Image access
  • Longer term:
  • LSST stack
  • Schedule and priorities.


  • The Test stand 8 workshop will be August 22-26 at BNL.
  • We need to be able to deal with full-raft images by then.
  • This means that we need WCS header information, to place the CCD images.
  • With proper header design (not by August), Firefly could deal with the “which segment” display. We need to continue our work on this.
  • The July FF update will have important JS API improvements, but not support for multi-extension FITS.
  • Action: @weiren2: Post the JSON file as a GitHub issue.
    Related: Check the segment geometry.
  • Action: @weiren2: Show that we can run in the DM stack environment. Ask @gpdf whom to contact about details of the implementation (e.g., a list of functions).
  • Action: @jbpagliuco: Improve the command parser to improve user friendliness. Done
  • Action: @ywang: Add an “Immediate image update” button.
  • Action: @Marshall: Update the Help file.
  • Action: @Marshall: Run the code on a SLAC server.
  • Action: @tony_johnson: Upgrade the image server to deliver real images.
  • The restful server can take a “wait” option on the image request. This can replace the need to poll.
    Action: @tony_johnson: This should be documented.