25 March meeting


  • Demonstration of hot_pixel function.
  • DIscussion of schedule.


  • hot_pixel looks good. Improvements to consider:
  • Use the threshold parameter. This was not done, because the image we are using for debugging has no noise. For now, we consider all pixels with the maximum value to be “hot”.
  • Add an nmax command parameter, to control the number of hot pixels to be returned to the client.
  • Add a return value: the actual number of hot pixels found.
  • Standardize the region specification.
    . Command parameters: rect xmin ymin xmax ymax <- what we do now.
    To add:
    . Command parameters: circ xcenter ycenter radius . <- circular region
    . Using Firefly rectangular region tool.
    . Selecting a point on the FF display (by clicking) for the center of the circle. This requires a new function to save a “clicked-on” point for later use. We might want this function later for other uses.

Action @tony_johnson will be at BNL next week. Before then, @jjt will add Paul O’connor’s prioritized wish list to the Google Doc. DONE
Action: @dyue2 and @weiren2 will move their code to the main Github branch. Then, the group will analyze the code structure, with an eye to ease of code reuse in other use cases.