26 February meeting


  • Continue discussion of interface concepts.
  • Prioritize Paul O’Connor’s wish list.


  • User interface design, where windows are, what buttons are shown, etc. is high priority.
    Action: @jjt wil do this early next week, and let people know.
    Start with a typical use case, specifying the dialog, etc.

  • The primary use case is view test stand images. Variations:

  • See the latest image. (FF has this concept)

  • Compare with previous images: Flip, blink, subtract.

Action: @jjt Break out the 11/13/15 “User interaction” note into a separate document for better visibility. Some spots in the document should point to the detailed command requirements and description. Partially done Document is here.

Action: @weiren2: Get Region (JSON) file code into GitHub.

  • How to make images available to the server? SLAC will translate DB access to a method accessible to the server Python.

  • FF does not currently support comparison manipulation of multiple images. (I missed the details.)

  • Do we need to worry about the possibility that images are different sizes or zoom levels? Not an issue - FF deals with the underlying pixels.

Action: @jjt and @tony_johnson: Paste last Monday’s notes into these minutes.

  • Dingcheng’s help pointer has been implemented.