5 August Visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143


  • Discussion of Illinois server implementation.
  • Status of SLAC image server, and
    preparation for August BNL meeting (if @tony_johnson is present).


  • Visualization HW has arrived at SLAC. @tony_johnson will install the SW next week.
  • SW requests:
  • Because we will usually have only one viewer and one box, command entry should allow for default values for those parameters. That is, “average_pixel (rect x1 y1 x2 y2)” could use the defaults.
  • Perhaps a box (with a default name) should be opened when the program starts.
  • Bug: The displayed region (in the ffview window) reverses x and y.

Development environment:
Now that we will have real users, we will establish this hierarchy of GitHub branches:

  • Individual developers will create a working branch for development of code. When that code development project is done, thebranch may (should) be deleted.
  • When the above project is ready for group testing, it will be installed in the development branch, which will use port 8080. In this way, any interested person can test the code.
  • When development code is deemed stable enough for production use, it will be put into the production branch, which will use port 80. This makes user access to the visualization code as simple as possible.

This branch hierarchy insulates each level of development from instabilities during the lower-level development.