6 May visualization meeting


  • Status of “display latest image” command
  • Introduce new UIUC students: Yutong Wang and Joe Pagliuco.


@tony_johnson’s “Get new image” function exists. He’ll put it into GitHub early next week.

  • We need to decide how to combine extension headers when merging into a single extension file. We’ll copy all the amplifier metadata, but we need to rename keywords.

  • DM has been discussing how to collaborate with camera. We should discuss this with @RHL.

  • Action: @jjt Send Xuqin Wu and Tony J the new students’ email and gitHub IDs. DONE

  • No meeting next week.

The “Get new image” functionality (more precisely find out if new image exists and if so where), or at least a first version of it, is now in github. There is a README describing it here:

And a diagram for discussion at tomorrow’s meeting: