8 April meeting


Now that the DAQ and CCS are installed at BNL, the BNL folks want to have image visualization as soon as possible. To start with, we don’t need any fancy functionality, just the ability to display the latest image when it arrives, and to pause updating if an image demands longer scrutiny. This week, we’ll discuss what needs to be done to get to that functionality.

The current thinking:

  • Write a Javascript that polls a known place (or a known process) to return the date/time of the newest image.
  • If updating has not been paused (we need a “pause/resume” button), ask Firefly to display the newest image.

We need to make sure the UIUC code can be run elsewhere (e.g., at SLAC and then at BNL). SLAC can generate fake images and put them in a directory, simulating the BNL dest stand environment.

Notes: (some written before the meeting)

  • Action: @weiren2 verify that the conversion of multi-extension FITS to single extension (with and without overscan) is working properly.

  • For now, don’t worry about copying header information.

  • This needs to be extended from the single-CCD to the raft (9-CCD) scale.

  • We need to measure performance (latency).

  • For now, put in CCD gaps by hand. There is not yet a raft-scale WCS.

  • Action: @jjt should write a detailed image and processing flow. For example, when should the single extension FITS file be created? A demon could do this automatically upon image receipt, but if it can’t keep up, there will be problems. Partially done See the Google Doc.