9 October 2015 image visualization meeting minutes

Action items from Oct. 9, 2015 visualization telecon:

  • Dingcheng Yue: Investigate server unreliability. All server side
    code, and the image, are on the same machine.

  • Wei Ren: Complete the focal plane scale image.

  • Dingcheng:
    ° Understand region display behavior.
    ° Associate a HE entity (eg, amplifier) with a given (x,y) mouse position, for use in command generation.

  • Gregory: Establish an LSST discourse category for more reliable and flexible email communication.

  • Gregory: Set up a Blue Jean channel (a fixed URL) to replace

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Thanks for reposting the minutes, @jjt.

It may be reasonable to use the “@”-mention scheme for people’s names in the future. That way they get a notification in the community.lsst.org system that can serve as a reminder.

Both are done.

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