A brief report from the 2019 EPSC-DPS LSST Splinter Meeting

A brief report from the LSST Splinter Meeting at 2019 DPS:

LSST organized a splinter meeting on September 19th. Representing the LSST Project were @rgill, @mjuric, @moeyensj and @natelust , with @mschwamb representing the LSST Science Collaboration. Heidi Hammel attended from AURA.

There were four talks:
• Ranpal Gill: LSST Overview and Status
• Mario Juric: LSST Solar System Data Products
• Meg Schwamb: LSST Solar System Science Collaboration
• Colin Snodgrass: ESA Missions and LSST

All talks from the Splinter Session are available online.

The attendance was excellent, with about 60-70 people present (and ~half a dozen
people standing at one point). A significant fraction (>50%?) of the audience seemed new to LSST, and seemed genuinely impressed both by system capabilities as well as the fact it’s just 3 years away. The questions were generally science oriented and practical: in essence, what will LSST deliver and is it useful for my science. After the session ended, we stayed on for ~20 minutes of one-on-one discussions with interested participants about the details.

The turnout was good, better than expected. Going forward, my sense is that splinter meetings or special sessions like this one are a good way to engage & update the broader community (beyond the SSSC).