Access to Slack workspace for Rubin2022

Hello Ranpal. My BlueJeans session going well. Since I swapped from “in person” to “Remote”, I do not believe I received an invitation to join the Rubin2022 Slack Workspace. My email is “” and my LSST Community Forum ID is “fsklich”. Can you advise how I can get into SLACK? Many Thanks.

Dear Ranpal. I would also like to receive an invitation to the PCW Slack. I did register for remote attendance, but I believe I did not receive the invitation. My e-mail is

@fsklich I can see you have now joined the Rubin 2022 PCW Slack space :+1:

@martinmakler I can see that an invitation has been sent to your gmail, please check your spam/junk folders?

Dear @MelissaGraham. Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately that e-mail didn’t make it to my spam/junk either. Is it possible to send the invitation again?