Baseline v3.2 Released

Announcing the release of a new OpSim output, “baseline_v3.2_10yrs.db”, which illustrates the baseline v3.2 survey strategy.

The v3.2 survey strategy is an evolution of the v3.0 survey strategy recommendations from the SCOC (see Phase 2 recommendations in PSTN-055).
A summary of changes in the survey strategy in v3.0 and further details on the updates in v3.2 are available in the slides from the PCW (see in particular slides 12-27).

The baseline_v3.2_10yrs simulation can be downloaded from
MAF analysis outputs are available at


Thanks so much! Is there an equivalent to the summary csv as you have here for the v3.2 baseline?

Thank you for this information. Are there any tutorial notebooks showing how to work with the baseline database and explore its content (e.g., see how many visits per band in a certain area for a certain period)?

Since we are about to deliver what is essentially a copy of the v3.2 runs, but updated to use the new throughputs , as v3.3, it’s likely more appropriate for us to release a summary data file of the metrics at that point (should be available end of September), as well as notebooks comparing these different runs. It’s perhaps worth noting that the v3.2/v3.3 sets of simulations are primarily oriented toward investigating either technical matters (which have already been decided by the SCOC, such as the filter swap with lunar cycle) or aimed toward task force questions (such as the DDF sets of simulations). We will however add notebooks comparing the baseline and its updates from v2.0 to v3.3.

Yes! We do have notebooks about how to work with the databases, but we do assume that people will be making metrics that work in the rubin_sim.maf context.
For notebook tutorials on MAF, please see
If you have a more specific question, please do feel free to reach out either here or via slack on the #sims-maf channel.