BlueJeans teleconference for Camera-DM visualization project

TL;DR: BlueJeans 107541143

Thanks to @frossie, we now have a meeting arranged through the LSST project-provided BlueJeans teleconference system.

BlueJeans supports browser-based audio and video conferencing, including screen-sharing, and also has native apps for various platforms, including Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. BlueJeans supports dialing in from classical “room system” videoconference devices (e.g., Polycoms).

It is possible to connect by telephone to BlueJeans meetings, but the resulting audio quality is usually worse than for VOIP connections. (We have had particularly bad experiences with dialing in to BlueJeans meetings from mobile phones via the telephone number. Use an app if you are on a mobile!)

Here are the instructions:

One-click connect via web:

You can also join from the BlueJeans home page or from an app by entering the meeting ID directly: 107541143.

Connecting directly from a room system?

  1. Dial: or
  2. Enter Meeting ID: 107541143

Just want to dial in on your phone?

Connect string for smartphones with “data detector” features:

  1. Dial
    +1.888.240.2560 (US Toll Free)
    +1.408.317.9253 (Alternate number)
    (all numbers)
  2. Press #
  3. Enter Meeting ID: 107541143

Thank you, Gregory! I needed to download and install Firefox plugin. First time users might want to try it in advance.

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Good point; also, there is a BlueJeans test URL available which I should have included in the post:

Confirming that I was able to login and view the message. Note for Chrome users - bluejeans does not work on Chrome (at least on Linux but I believe on other systems too) – so you will need to use firefox.

The original BlueJeans plugin architecture doesn’t work on Chrome any more because Google has disabled NPAPI plugins:

but BlueJeans claims there’s another way, through the Chrome support of WebRTC:

YMMV; I haven’t tried this.


I’m confused. Is this a standing BJ meeting that we can use whenever we feel like it, or a once-off?

This is the code for the standing Friday meeting on Camera-DM collaboration over Firefly usage in the test stand environment (and related issues).


BJ is asking me to login. Do I need to create an account?


No, you just join the meeting as a guest.