BPS will use quantum-backed butler by default

Starting from the upcoming weekly (w_2023_31), quantum-backed butler (QBB) will replace the execution butler as the default behind-the-scenes mechanism to lessen the number of simultaneous connections to the Butler registry.

If necessary, one can still use the execution butler for their runs until DM-40342 is done. BPS documentation was updated to describe the details.

If you were an early adopter and already started using BPS and QBB, please remove resource://lsst.ctrl.bps/etc/bps_qbb.yamlfrom the list of the includes in you BPS submit YAML file. This file was removed from ctrl_bps package as it was no longer needed (the settings it contained are now BPS defaults).

We’ve discovered a few bugs in QBB since it went live and started to see real-world use, and it’s our understanding that all have now been fixed on main:

  • DM-40254 modified pipe_base and ctrl_mpexec, and landed in w_2032_32.
  • DM-40390 modified ctrl_mpexec and landed in w_2023_33.
  • DM-40381 modified daf_butler and pipe_base and will first land in d_2023_08_19 and w_2023_34 (there were also changes to ctrl_mpexec and ci_middleware, but only to tests).

Sorry for the trouble, and please let us know if you see any new problems.