Breakout session on LSST Basics

In the spirit of attracting a broader swath of the community to the LSST workshop - I suggest that there is an LSST basics breakout, if enough newbies from the community register. This session could be held in parallel with some particularly technical breakout that might be less appealing for newcomers to fully engage in.

I’ll ask Suzanne whether we can add something to the Community registration form that asks how familiar the registrant is with LSST.


I would be interested an LSST basics breakout.

Beth … I think this is an interesting idea. It’s hard to judge how many newcomers there have been at previous meetings, so having a familiarity checkbox on the registration form might work - in the longer term, it might be worth thinking this through for the AAS meeting in January where you have a much larger audience. In particular, if LSST could get a lunch-time session and use that as some form of focused ‘outreach’ and engagement to the community.

I would like to suggest a type of “introductory” talk that would be suited to newcomers and those who have been connected for years. There are a lot of data and observing related topics that were discussed widely before the project formally started, and those discussions were pretty unconstrained and ambitious. Now, most areas have actual requirements documents that spell out exactly what will be delivered, often somewhat more modest than imagined. I would benefit from presentations that start with a basic intro and then go to the requirements as accepted. Examples of topics: 1. Scheduling and MAF; 2. DM pipe-line; 3. Alert generation and content; 4. Science data quality assessment; 5. Photometry; 7. Stacking images; 8. Catalog releases and content. Also, I’d like a similar up-to-date intro to simulations. It would be important to allow plenty of time for discussion - I’m not suggesting a jammed program of slide shows.

I am interested in attending the session…

Hi Steve- Thanks for these suggestions. I like the ideas you suggest - Some of these are more mature and ripe for a breakout session/talks than others. The content of alert generation, LSST’s limited alert broker, and the communities access (and timescale thereof) of the alert packets - outside of the context of community provided brokers - is something that would be very appropriate for such a breakout. @tmatheson and @ashish - Might this be an appropriate component of a double breakout on transient brokers?

Scheduling and MAF may fit in with breakout(s) on Observing Strategy, @drphilmarshall.

I wonder whether a session on catalog releases and content and SUIT functionality may be timely. @davidciardi, is it too early to have part of a community breakout on SUIT?