Breakout Session on the LSST Extragalactic Roadmap

For sometime, an LSST Extragalactic Roadmap has been under development:

The goal of this Roadmap is to identify the key preparatory science tasks for extragalactic astrophysics with LSST that need to be researched before first light. Input into this project has waxed and waned, but as we approach ever closer to the operations of LSST reinvigorating and completing this document may help organize efforts across several LSST science collaborations. The LSST Galaxies collaboration will be revisiting these efforts during our coming workshop in July (everyone is welcome, please register!):

A breakout session with the rest of the LSST community at the LSST2016 would help us coordinate with the other collaborations and undoubtedly improve the quality and impact of the final product.

Hey @brant - I like the idea of a breakout on science collaboration roadmaps, with an eye on encouraging cross-collaboration coordination. Would you be willing to lead such a breakout session? If so, could you share a few sentences to advertise what such a session would look like and who the best audience would be? Thanks!

Hi Beth,

I would be happy to lead a session if one is possible (I’m at the meeting Wed and Thurs). I’ll send some suggested sentences separately for you to edit as you see fit. It would be great to have input from other Science Collaborations about whether there is interest or specific needs.


Great, @brant. Thanks for the abstract and other info that you’ve already submitted!