Bug with display of new topics?

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(Mario Juric) #1

@jsick – see the attached screenshot: is it a bug that there is a new topic (note the ‘* new’ next to ‘What documents can be accessed …’ topic), while the topic is not marked (or shown as) new when I click on the ‘New’ tab on the top?

(K-T Lim) #2

What is your status in the category? Watching, Tracking, Normal, or Muted?

(Jonathan Sick) #3

My understanding is that ‘Latest’ is for any new activity in topics you’re following. But the ‘New’ tab means that there’s a ‘new’ topic you haven’t seen yet.

If you look at a topic it’ll get dropped from ‘New’. But if there’s a reply to that topic, it’ll bubble up in ‘Latest’

(Mario Juric) #4

So, it’s a new topic, I haven’t read it yet, but it’s not showing up anywhere on the top (neither under New nor Unread (the (1) in unread is for a different one). If I didn’t happen to notice it on the list, I would’ve missed it (I actually did miss it, but someone @-ed me there so I went looking for it). It does look like a bug.

(Mario Juric) #5

@ktl My status in the category is ‘Regular’.

(K-T Lim) #6

(Discourse does seem to be inconsistent with “Normal” in one place and “Regular” in another.)

I think that status means that you don’t see “New” topics in your “New” page or get notifications about them. They still get labeled as new. So I think this is expected behavior. You want to Track the category, at least.

(Mario Juric) #7

I don’t think that’s it – I’m ‘Regular’ everywhere, and other topics do appear.

PS: One thing that’s different is that this particular topic was split off from a different one. It still looks like an insect to me :slight_smile: .