Butler and obs_base command line scripts have changed to a single command with subcommands

The following butler scripts have been replaced with a top-level butler command, with git-style subcommands:

dumpButlerConfig is now butler config-dump
makeButlerRepo is now butler create
validateButlerConfiguration is now butler config-validate

Supported options have remained the same, but some of the names have changed with the intention of standardizing on common option names.

the ci_hsc_gen3 script registrerInstruments has been replaced with two commands for registering the instrument and writing the calibrations:
butler register-instrument
butler write-curated-calibrations

A list of all available butler subcommands is available by the standard --help option; butler --help.

The butler command is defined in daf_butler, but subcommand “plugins” are loaded dynamically so make sure you have setup the packages you intend to use before calling butler --help or attempting to use sub-commands.

Similarly, help for each of the subcommands is available by calling butler <subcommand> --help.

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