Call for Example Lightcurves

One important way to test observing strategies it to check how well we can recover various transient and variable populations. We have SNe and KNe lightcurves from the PLAsTiCC challenge, but would like to collect more, especially for populations that might be concentrated in the galactic plane (e.g., microlensing events).

As part of the hackathon at the excellent TVSMWLG meeting, I’ve put together an example in the sims_maf_contrib repo of what light curve contributions could look like. There is a python function in that generates a transient lightcurve (in this case, a parabola), and an objects.dat file that lists even positions and lightcurve shape parameters.

The easiest way to contribute your favorite transient is to clone the repo and add your own lightcurve function and object list, then issue a pull request so we can check it and merge it to the repo.