Camera visualization github created

(Tony Johnson) #1

I have created a new lsst-camera-visualization repository, with the intention being to make this a central location for storing all code related to camera visualization. To get started I have created a single repository called main, but we may split this into more repositories later.

I have invited those whose github ids I could figure out, but if you did not get an invitation please send me your github id so I can invite you (or leave it as a reply to this message).

(Jon Thaler) #2


I think that Wei Ren and DingCheng Yue did not get invitations.

Wei’s GitHub ID is: Victor-Ren.
DingCheng’s is: DarwinSenior


(Tony Johnson) #3

They should both have invitations now.

(Tim Jenness) #4

To be pedantic, Github calls this an “organization” and the repositories are in the organization.

(Xiuqin Wu) #5

I don’t have invitation. Thanks. -Xiuqin

(Tony Johnson) #6

Invitation has been sent.