Can I save a draft post and finish it later?

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If I start working on a Community post and want to finish it later (i.e., I’m not “done” yet), is there a way to save it and return later to edit/finish the post?

If this capability doesn’t currently exist on Community, is it something that could be enabled?


Your post is automatically saved when the “check mark” appears at the bottom right of the edit window. You can get back to the draft from the “Drafts” entry in the tab under your username in the menu you get when you click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the interface.

So it is “saved” but not posted, then? I saw the check mark earlier when I was testing it out, but wasn’t sure what it meant. I don’t see anything in my “Drafts” now, which must be because I hit “cancel” on my previous message.

Also, even though I’ve been using Community for so long, I had never seen that menu associated with my avatar! I never realized that would pop up when you click your name… (I only see notifications/bookmarks/messages when I first click my avatar…)


Yes, “saved” as a draft but not posted when the check mark shows up. (I tested it with the previous post, even quitting my browser and restarting to make sure.)

I was using this topic to remind myself how draft-saving works, and thought I’d add that I just learned that a person can only have one draft new topic at a time (but can have multiple draft replies). The recommended Discourse work-around is to draft multiple new topics as messages to yourself.