Candidate strategies for mini-surveys

I would like to see some sort of special session on special strategy requirements leading from the mini-surveys. For example: what science cases have targets that would saturate at LSST’s nominal exposure time, how does this interact with the capabilities of other surveys like VVVX, VPHAS, etc. (for the plane in particular), to what extent would the proposed twilight short-exposure survey meet these requirements, and what exposure times would be necessary for science tracer populations of interest?

I would like participants to leave such a session having made commitments to develop proposals for new OpSIM runs. For many of the mini-survey regions, we are still in zeroth-order territory with strategy constraints.

For the inner Plane in particular, I recommend casting a wide net for contributions. For example, LSST2017 would seem to be a good occasion for input from the LSST:UK science collaborations, which are quite active in many areas of interest to the mini-surveys (as well as the main survey regions).


I think this would be a very helpful session.

This sounds like a great suggestion. @willclarkson @jgizis Would you be willing to organize and lead such a session? If so, then the SOC can be sure this concept is submitted to the Project website for consideration.

Whoops, I think I dropped the ball on this thread, apologies… I’m happy to do this (as long as the session itself doesn’t get scheduled after mid-afternoon on the Thursday).

@jgizis would you be interested in chairing or co-chairing?

If there’s still time, we can submit this to the project website.

Yes, I could co-chair.