Citation for baseline v3.3?

Hi, I am working on a paper and I was wondering if there is a citable reference for the details of baseline v3.3?

It looks like PSTN-055 lays out baseline v3.0 in great detail but is there anything that covers the changes up to v3.3? Or would it be best to refer to the announcement post and the changes detailed on github going to versions 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3?

Hi @jrob93 ,

You can cite the DOIs for the code here: lsst-sims/sims_featureScheduler_runs3.3: DOI
and here: lsst/rubin_sim: v2.0.0

Currently working on an updated paper, but this one is the most recent that describes the general scheduler setup: A Framework for Telescope Schedulers: With Applications to the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope - NASA/ADS
so you can cite that and/or the PSTN-055

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Great, thanks @yoachim!